Alan's Digital Portfolio


Here's a breakdown of my most recent projects.

  1. Birds of a Feather Appphone_iphone
    • Co-led of a team of five people and used Agile software development techniques to coordinate the team
    • Used Android Studio to create an app that found nearby students with common interests and shared classes through bluetooth
    • Coordinated standup meetings to make sure our team members reached deadlines before each milestone
  2. Cryptocurrency Researchcurrency_bitcoin
    • Led a team of 3 people to conduct research on the correlation between the effect Covid had on the global economy and the shifts in prices on Cryptocurrency
    • Used Juypter notebook to perform data wrangling from websites, data visualization and EDA analysis on the collected data, and used linear regression modelling and machine learning to predict the price of Cryptocurrency
  3. UX/UI Design Researchelectric_scooter
    • Led a team of 4 people to research methods for improving the UI/UX of the app for SPIN (scooter app)
    • Created prototypes that led to a more streamlined experience and eliminated user pain points
    • Increased user satisfaction and parking etiquette by implementing reward system